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2008-07-16 Reaching Wakkanai

July 16th, 2008 · 3 Comments

Day 94 and I’m on the northern most coast of Japan. I have seen the peninsula that I’ll be walking along a couple of days from now but the cape is out of sight until the last few kilometres.

Giant humbugs! 

The feeling of non-Japan, or maybe the lack of Japanese feeling continued today. For the 35km that I walked into Wakkanai there were just open fields and passing trucks. Nothing seemed to match the image of Japan I created on the other islands. The one stand-out feature was the parking shelter. Basically a short tunnel to provide an area to hide in during blizzards. There were parking bays, toilets, telephones and traffic cams so you can watch for when it’s safe to leave. Wakkanai has an average yearly temperature of just 7 degrees celsius. I’m certainly glad to be here during the ‘warm’ months.
Dang straight!   Entering Wakkanai City at last 

I spent the afternoon wandering the city. Checking where the bus depot is and briefly talking to a newspaper reporter. I wasn’t prepared for a photo shoot (the bathroom at the hostel hadn’t opened yet, I lost my razor 5 days ago and my bag was in my room) but he asked me to stride across the carpark and I tried not to laugh at myself (“I’m not an ambi-turner”).
the birds 

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    Seven degrees! Finally somewhere I want to live that won’t kill me. As if Russia and Mongolia weren’t hot enough Beijing is a cloudless 35º all week.

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