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2008-07-05 Water alert

July 5th, 2008 · 1 Comment

On the PCT, if you’re carrying the Data Book and reading ahead, you are able to tell when a waterless stretch of trail is coming and make sure you’re carrying enough to get through. I don’t have that luxury here and thus I walked about 40km on less than 1.5L, and it was hot. Luckily for me some entrepreneurial ladies had set up a stall at a carpark near some scenic rapids and when I bought two bottles they also filled up another from their own supply. I got another top up about 29km later just before camping. It’s been a hot day and because I needed water I passed through the longest and hopefully last tunnel of this trip. Now I’m on the east of the range and hoping to be up the mountains by tomorrow night.

For a brief while I entertained the idea of skipping Daisetsu-zan National Park and going straight for Wakkanai. I could be there in 8 days I think, but I promised to wait for Tania so I’d have four days just sitting in sight of the finish line. That’d be pretty frustrating for sure. I’m just so keen to finish. To get out of this way of life and back into being a tourist.

Word of the day: ma-gu-ro = tuna

(yay! I found foil-packet tuna in Sapporo. It was a major part of my diet last year. Don’t like it as much as the chocolate bars dad sent me, but tonight felt very like camping on the PCT)

Distance today: 61 km


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  • 1 Nana & Grandad // Jul 7, 2008 at 11:11 am

    Well Craig the end is near – now you can look forward to enjoying meeting up with Tania & doing some sight-seeing – like you we aren’t as keen on Tuna especially when Chocolate is around. Keep those Blogs coming.

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