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2008-06-28 Rinse and repeat

June 28th, 2008 · No Comments

It took a long time for today to get interesting. I walked north on dead flat roads for most of 30km, trying hard not to breathe around the rotting fishing nets and discarded shellfish. The scenery was nice enough but nothing to write home about really. Up into the hills and the road curved eastward. Now I’m running out of water. I’d have liked to have stopped a while ago but since I didn’t want to carry water up the hill I must go down the other side if I am to cook tonight. a fox   Huge ant 

So that brought me to a little town on the coast where I followed a sign that said ‘campsite’ to a strange building with toilets and (locked) showers and a large grassy area in front. I was definitely going to camp here, but then someone spotted me and I thought I was busted. It turned out that the guy picking up rubbish around the building was just telling me that although he was lowering the metal shutter so the toilets looked closed, he wasn’t going to lock it! Awesome! He even showed me the light switches for later. So like Indiana Jones I’ve rolled in under the barrier at the last moment into the foyer with a glass roof and now have water, electricity and a roof for the night.
Tonight's campsite 

Word of the day: ka-ni = crab (not cow as previously reported)

Distance today: 47 km

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