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2008-06-19 Cooling my heels

June 19th, 2008 · No Comments

After an early morning dash to see sunrise over the valleys it was a long downhill to the onsen and the road. I passed a marker for the 40 degree line, I think it was 36 on the marker I saw at Sata. I prefer kilometers, those numbers change faster.

Sunrise near Yakeyama 

For a few weeks I’ve been seeing everyone out in the fields cutting grass and now it’s had time to dry the local farmers have declared today “Roadside Bonfire Day” which didn’t help my breathing much. Nor that of the in-line skater going uphill. Dressed all in black lyrca and carrying only his ski-poles and a water pouch (yes, I could tell that’s all he had) he must have had a support team or been planning to come back this way but I didn’t see him. Eventually the rain came and my plan to reach a town worked fine. I managed to convince the lady at reception that a futon room was ok and I’ve done laundry, had a couple of showers and read lots of emails.
Westward down from Yakeyama 

For dinner I tried a local place so I could speak to people instead of watching them watching me on the road, asking only for a small bowl of udon (to wash down the 2 liters of ice-cream I’d eaten at the hotel. Mmmm, calorific). The plan worked and I got talking with the owner and the three drunk guys. There was the more intelligent and reserved one at the back. Not as drunk, thus easier to understand. The quieter one around the corner, with blood-shot bulging eyes and more English than the others but he really needed prompting to use it. And the loud talky one. Obviously had more to drink and kept asking the same questions about age and location. The other two started answering for me when they’d heard me say “I’m still 27″. I had to repeat the walking bit too. Every time I got more specific about my start and end point I got asked if I was hitch-hiking, even though they previously agreed that walking was “good times”.

Eventually it wrapped up and as drunk business guys tend to do they asked me to the next bar. But it was late and I can’t waste a day with a hangover, so after I got them to let go of my hands I left and will now sleep very well.

Word of the day: hi = fire

Distance today: 37 km


Today was mostly a Down day

P.S. I heard a bear today. I could have seen one too for ¥500 but bears in cages don’t interest me

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