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2008-06-17 Lunch with a princess

June 17th, 2008 · No Comments

I was packed and walking by 4:30am but managed to wisely put those extra daylight hours into resting (and charging my electronics, and working on my tan). I also wasted some by missing tiny little roads that show up on my map but really need to be marked as tracks. The first was described as “big” yesterday but was gravel, unsigned and started through a lumber yard. Nice walk though. That brought me to the shores of Lake Tazawa and the statue of Princes Tatsuko where I had lunch. The lake looked great for swimming but I just paddled and tried to look vaguely pilgrim-ish as I washed myself for the first time in a few days.

Lunch with the princess 

You know you’re a Thru-Hiker when:
*You don’t need a shower because it’s only been four days
*The only thing overtaking you is your smell

I had socks airing on my pack today and the smell was ghastly. I’ve rinsed them now so they’re a bit better but I’ll need a laundromat before Hokkaido or they won’t let me in.

The second missed road was Route 248, again unsigned and looking like a forestry road. It lead me north through a million mosquitoes and onto 341 where I’ll be for a while.

Lakeside torii 

A tree having a paddle 

Word of the day: mi-zu-mi = lake

Distance today: 46 km

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