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2008-06-10 Three lessons

June 10th, 2008 · No Comments

Lesson 1: If a road crew won’t let you through the tunnel, don’t rely on them to know about easy alternate routes. They may insist you get in their truck because that’s what their boss has told them to insist. It does not mean they know the local roads and that an easy road goes over the hill. Failure to know this hint may lead up a bad path, through incredibly thick bush, leaving you cut, bruised and muddy. Only then will you stumble onto the easy road (after first demolishing a fence of rotten wooden posts) and curse the road guy for his lack of local knowledge.

Another great swimming hole 

Lesson 2: Don’t film police cars even if they have a merry little tune like an ice-cream truck rather than a siren. Failure to respect this may make them stop suddenly in the middle of the road, on a blind corner, to remind you that pedestrians must walk on the footpath (which you already are) so you don’t cause an accident.

Lesson 3: If you want to eat in restaurants that don’t even have the prices in English/Latin characters make sure the waitress has understood your “as for spicy, I don’t like it” phrase before picking a random thing from the menu.

In other news I had a great day (apart from the horrible route around the tunnel) walking along the shore and once again watched sunset over the nearly motionless Sea of Japan. So calm it’s hard to imagine the waves shown in some warning signs along the road. I met a man heading south on a scooter. The stand-on, push-along type, not the moped type. He’s got another 300km to get back to his house. What a great way to travel. I’d pop open my umbrella and sail my way home!

Southbound scooterer 

I also took a dip in the sea. I miss swimming. Now I’m on a little headland, planning to cowboy camp it and get an early start to reach a friend’s house tomorrow. Good night.

Word of the day: kai-gan = coast

Seaside campsite tonight 

update: Lesson 4: If you see a mosquito before dark KILL IT! They’re very hard to see by moonlight and on nights this warm will keep you up past midnight with that darn buzzing and biting

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