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2008-06-02 Halftime

June 2nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

When I went to sleep last night at Takefumi’s appartment it had been 49 days since I jumped the gate at Cape Sata and started my trek north. All going well 48 days from now I’ll be whooping and hollering at Cape Soya with Tania, my extraordinarily patient girlfriend, beside me. In a straight line I’m still 100km closer to Cape Sata than Cape Soya but my route now should be a lot closer to that line than my meandering across the first two islands.

After a breakfast of miso soup and packing three homemade miso onigiri into my bag I started north on route 19 again. It’s marked with distances from Nagoya so every 100m (about 470 of them) I got a status update. To the west the Japanese Alps could have looked magnificent above the valley but sadly they were obscured by heavy haze. Add one more place to those that I’ll return to after the walking is done. And another for Hakuba, the valley heading towards the coast, Takefumi’s photos of that area in Autumn were stunning.

a bend in Sai River 

Road walking is often dull but today got lightened by three things. First came the “American Super Girls Conceptual Hotel” adorned with brightly painted female comic book super heroes and a price board that suggested rooms were available by the hour. So too were rooms at “Pub Gimmick” who had filled their advertising posters with text from a bug-fix report (list of changes in a computer program) for something that handles Adobe Illustrator files.
hotel astro 

The third and scariest thing was a guy who tooted and waved at me as he neared a tunnel. He was so busy saying hello to the strange waking fella that he veered across the center line and nearly lost his wing mirror and arm to an oncoming truck.

Tonight I’m waiting for darkness at another road station. I hear it is going to rain tomorrow so I want to start dry and make a dash to Nagano city tomorrow.

is this bridge sinking or the river rising? 
is this bridge sinking or the river rising?

Word of the day: sho-to-tsu = crash

Update: while sitting here against the wall, listening to the BBC’s From Our Own Correspondant podcast I have been given a drink of milk & coffee and a large bread roll, both of which will be saved for breakfast.

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  • 1 Denis // Jun 13, 2008 at 7:43 am

    Re: “Is this bridge sinking or the river rising?”. It must be rising. They call it the land of the rising, son.

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