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2008-05-28 Swimming hole

May 28th, 2008 · No Comments

I made three very good decisions today. First I went to the point in the river that Charles had told me about. I never actually decided to get in but I kept getting closer, took off (most of) my clothes and got wet (and very cold), all the while composing an apology to Charles saying that I had a long way to go and couldn’t spare the time. In the end I spent an hour there jumping in and out then drying off on the rocks as a group of oldies watched from the Art Park nearby. It has easily made it to one of the top moments on my walk so far.

Nezamenotoko Diving right in Taking a dip 

Sumo ring 

The next good choice was to come up to Torri pass. I’d read its name on a map at home along time ago but not until this afternoon did I realise I was actually going there. The sky had been grey all afternoon and was getting worse. There had been a few drops of rain but it wasn’t far to the safety of another road station and I made mental notes of good looking barns and shelters on the way up.

The third decision was to stay up here. The pass itself had a locked shrine but further down on the north-eastern side I found a hut called Mineno-Chaya with toilets and water, even a John Grisham novel but the light has faded now so I can’t read it. I signed the register and may be the first english speaker all year, but I suspect most make this a day hike and walk right by. Now I’ve spread my stuff out on the polished wooden floor ready for an early start tomorrow. Possibly in rain, but I’m heading to a house so I can push on through.

Word of the day: o-yo-gi-mas = swim

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