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2008-05-23 Resting in Nagoya

May 23rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Another zero day for me. I took the time to re-evaluate everything in my pack and mail a few unneeded items up to Sapporo. That saved me about a kilogram. With just the essentials (tent, sleeping bag, minimal clothing, stove, maps, Japanese book, ID etc) my bag weighs 9kg, which isn’t terrible but 2kg of that is the bag itself. Add to that 5kg of ‘luxury’ items, like spare clothes, cameras, ipod, gps and chargers for all of them, and my bag becomes a major burden. I’m thinking of getting some tips for my hiking poles so I can use them on roads. Maybe that will take some of the load off my poor knees.

At the supermarket I am still unable to find tubs of ice-cream. The largest I’ve seen is about two scoops worth and that won’t feed a hungry boy like me. Luckily Iizuka-san will and I’ve been eating very well here. Meal times stretch to hours as we try to talk but have to repeat everything a few times and then resort to dictionaries. It’s useful listening to one person because she is consistent in her style and sentence structure. Quite different to what I hear in my lessons so I’m listening hard to work out what’s going on. Sometimes I’ll miss new words and then nothing makes sense. Over dinner I understood “New Zealand” and “nothing” but couldn’t find out what went between them. I did get some good words though, I can now describe roads as wide and narrow rather than big and small.

Word of the day: Oi = nephew


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  • 1 Peter // May 25, 2008 at 11:58 am

    What good is that? I want to know what ‘niece’ is! because I will easily practise it (I just finished with the immediate family lesson, but don’t talk about watashi no otouto every day).

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