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2008-05-15 Hello Honshu

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A got a ticket from a police man today, he thought I deserved it so I took is as graciously as I could. But that’s skipping the morning.

It doesn’t take much explaining that the thin inflatable mat I carry is not the most comfortable sleeping surface. I wake every few hours wishing it was morning already but by the time my alarm goes at 5:30 I’m actually tired enough to want to stay lying down. But this morning I didn’t. It was the start of a beautifully clear day and I was reminded why I used to like getting up early. The air was still and the dew sat softly on the road-side plants. The sun was over the mountains and climbing quickly as Awaji island came to life.

the biggest bridge (as seen from my campsite) 

I stuck on road 28 all day, making it to the coast before long and then pounding out the miles to the northern tip. I stopped in at the police station entering the port town of Iwaya and announced my plan.
“Hello. I am Craig Stanton. I want to walk all of Japan, from Cape Sata to Cape Soya”
“But that big bridge over there. Is walking OK?”
  ”No. Walking is forbidden”
  ”You can take the bus”
“Thank you. I’ll take the ferry”
  ”Ah yes”
“Is it expensive?”
  ”Wait a moment”

And he called over another policeman who had a stack of free ferry tickets in his drawer. So I walked all the way to the terminal and 24 minutes latter I arrived on Honshu, Japan’s main island.

ticket from police

Akashi blends into Kobe which blends into Osaka. I’m in the cities now so need better hiding spots. East of the ferry terminal I hit a nice area that’s had a lot of work done. Wide paths and cut grass under new pine trees. There are exercise points though they look more like those you’d see in a physical therapy unit than a fitness gym. I think I made a good choice with this low bench outside a fisherman’s hut. It’s well after dark now and one person just came by. She seemed to suggest it was OK if I left early, which I will.

Word of the day: = ke-sa-tsu police

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