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2008-05-13 Resting in Tokushima

May 13th, 2008 · No Comments

Thanks to the incredible hospitality of Gillian, the JET I met in Kyoto, I have taken two full Zero Days in Tokushima. I should explain that we met in Kyoto and only had brief conversations but she has welcomed me into her apartment and used her day off to drive me between post offices, supermarkets and hiking stores. The first stop reduced my pack weight quite a bit but the other two put it back on. A new poncho and a few proper hiking meals sure add up.
For lunch yesterday we went to a conveyor restaurant where tiny servings of things like sushi and sashimi glide past your table. You grab the ones you want and at the end they count your plates and bill you accordingly. I was feeling hungry and built up a good stack of dishes but somewhere in there I may have made a poor choice. The fault may also lie with the chicken I cooked for dinner. Whatever it was I did not feel good this morning and I was lucky to be alone indoors and not many hours from public toilets has I have been in the past.

Without an internet connection during the day I went old school and read through a paper guide book called Lonely Planet: Japan. It’s given me some great tips on places to go and made me realise what a dumb-ass I was for not doing this stuff before I started walking.

Tomorrow I’m back on the road. Not fully recovered but I need to get moving. The longer I stay still the harder it will be to give up these creature comforts and return to sleeping in tunnels and carparks.*

Word of the day: ya-su-mi-mas = rest

* Editor’s note 1: The term “carpark” may not be familiar to Americans. see Multi-storey car park
Editor’s note 2: There was no journal for 2008-05-12.

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