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2008-05-09 All along the ridgeline

May 9th, 2008 · No Comments

If I wasn’t already awake the dawn chorus would have done it. I could pick out six separate songs above the general chatter of the other birds. The sky was pale grey but held no imminent threat of rain so I set off up the trail. And when I say up I mean the most ridiculously steep trail ever! In the toughest parts some kind soul had installed ropes and I hauled myself up to the crest puffing and panting like never before. That was around 10am.

Insanely steep trail 

From there the trail had its ups and downs eastward. I hadn’t seen anyone for a while and I wondered what I’d do if I did. I imagined I’d smile, so smile I did at the imaginary person and then narrated the scene to myself.

Yes the voices are back. Today mostly featured emails I’d write and wonderings on my future. Where I’ll go, what I’ll do and when I’ll finish this crazy walking thing. Logistics are back too. Estimating distance left, average speed etc. I might be able to finish by my birthday if I have covered 1000km (I haven’t) and can average 35km per day (doubtful). This is what occupies my brain when trying not to worry about the clouds that were forming over Tsurugi-san, my goal.

It got colder in the afternoon, and the sky was darker. Tsurugi-san shook off the clouds and I made a dry descent to the pass. Very hungry and out of water I treated myself to a large bowl of udon noodles. Well I planned to. I sat and talked with the only other customer explaining myself as usual. When asked why I was attempting such “risky” thing I told him “Japan is interesting. Cars are too fast. Speaking with people is interesting” though I suspect that last part was horribly mangled by bad grammar and tense. When he left he bought two cream buns and placed one in front of me. The manager told me he’d paid for my udon too. A little bit of trail magic to end my day. I’m now camped on the bottom of a two story car-park. I hear it’ll rain tomorrow but I might as well start out dry.

Word of the day: kyu-na = steep

Distance today: 30km
Yahazu Pass to Tsurugi-san 

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