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2008-04-29 I, Shikoku

April 29th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Today I’ve started a new island and a new plan. I stopped just on 5 with plenty of sunlight left and I’m taking it easy. I’m actually watching, and momentarily joining in, a neighbourhood baseball game with a dozen kids aged 6-11.

Chris and I parted ways at the station. I headed to the port and he to the park, resting up before his trek along the coast. Hiking with someone has helped me feel a bit more normal. I’m no longer the only only looney out here. When I was researching this trip I used an application I wrote for my employer to find lots of nice photos of Shikoku. Most of them featured the Iya Valley so I’m changing my route to go through it and will leave the 88 temple tour until next year with Tania. Unless it starts raining, then I’m leaving the mountains and sticking to temples, towns and hostels :)
Chris         PCT
The kids just left and one of them came to give me the ball. I thanked him but tried to explain it was too heavy and I can’t carry any more. I’m not sure if he understood but he took it back and was leaving when I changed my mind. I like the idea of that ball enough to get it to the next post office and send it home. If I knew the kid’s address I’d carry it to Soya and send him a post card, but asking little children their address is probably not a good thing for a homeless guy like me to do. I may very well have to run out of town rather than walk.
Word of the day: fune = boat

Distance today: 14 km

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