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2008-04-26 Maps still failing

April 26th, 2008 · 1 Comment

The wind raged all night. When I first went to sleep the full moon lit the landscape. When I awoke at 3am the clouds were whipping past at incredible speeds and we were both fighting to keep our tents stable. I got out and shifted mine round to deflect the wind but it did little to help and I still found the roof bending closer and closer towards me. By 7 I’d had enough and the first thing I said to my temporary hiking partner was “hey Chris, how about we get off this #?@#!#* ridge”, and we did.

A long walk down to the plateau, all the while buffeted by strong gusts. When a rain shower blew through we ducked into a road side cafe and spent a couple of hours eating curried rice before heading out. It was a good decision as the clouds slowly faded and we both managed to get sun-burned. At one point we tried a little side road supposed to parallel the main one for a few hours but it wasn’t far before it became so overgrown that it was easier to bush crash back to where the cars and tour busses were than to carry on.

After just my second day with Chris I think I have broken him. Today has been his “most painful yet”, probably because we did about 35km. I went on ahead to town taking the planned scenic route and reaching Lawsons early. Two hours later I hadn’t seen him and so began phone and email messages that finally diagnosed the problem. I’d been at the wrong Lawsons. One not shown on my map and not the one where Chris had been bought dinner by a stranger and was now waiting for me.

With that sorted we’ve sneakily camped by a lake in town. How do you hide a 2 person bright red tent? Put it up after dark and try to leave before too many people go walking their dogs.

Word of the day: kougen = plateau

Distance today: 40km


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  • 1 Bex // Apr 29, 2008 at 5:43 am

    Craig! I have only just rediscovered your site after settling back in Dublin and am happy to say that I have spent the last few hours catching up on all your posts. No letters from me this time unfortunately due to your lack of definite postal addresses… oh well, I will have to be satisfied with reading your blog and leaving the odd comment. Keep up the walking babe – I will be reading with interest! xxx

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