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2008-04-18 Sunny times

April 18th, 2008 · 1 Comment

Spring has sprung, the sun has risen and like Christopher, I’m Walken. It didn’t rain last night so I’m glad to have saved ¥3000. The sun was on my tent before I wanted to get up, I’m still not sleeping through the night though the therma-rest is comfy enough I just massively over heat. Leaving Miyakonojo I got stopped by a friendly little traffic lady, there to ensure school kids crossed safely. She had to explain to this crazy foreigner that the little red man means no crossing. I’d like to have explained that I’m a big boy now and can predict traffic patterns and momentum and can handle cities quite well. But my Japanese isn’t that good, so I said “sorry” and “thank you” and left.
statue at Miyakonojo History Museum    Fish kites flying 
With only 26km to my target I dawdled and took a nicer scenic route along the fields where I got stopped by a guy cutting grass and either his mum or his employer. He gave me two oranges and a bottle of Yakult, presumably that was his lunch, and wished me well. The Japanese are so friendly.
Friendly locals 
Eventually I wound my way up to the rim of Lake Miike and took my first trail since Cape Sata. The lake is very nice but I was surprised to see a well developed camp ground here. It’s a proper summer camp and though the warden first said it was ¥1250 he let me stay free since I was walking and had all my own equipment. He even gave me a pack of 30 post cards!
colourful farm house    Walking the back blocks of Kyushu 
That was before 3pm. So now I’ve showered and eaten* and am feeling very well rested. I’ve read up on the area and found out I am in a new prefecture, Miyazaki, and touching the mountains where the first emperor came from. Jimmu’s Satsuma clan took all of Honshu (the main island) starting from here.

Word of the day: shawa = shower

*on the importance of reading labels. Tonight I ate the soup given to me on the ferry ride from Ibusuki. I’m glad I didn’t head into the mountains with it. I thought I had four meals for one, actually it was one meal for four (which I ate all at once). Tomorrow I’ll need more supplies

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  • 1 Goat // Apr 20, 2008 at 11:28 am

    Craig, early days yet, and either a) you might get hold of a good map or b) I might prove victorious over the forces of evil conspiring to keep me from walking, in which case I’ll need it, but if a) and b) don’t eventuate, maybe we can work out a way to get my slightly-used-but-still-very-useful-and-highly-translated atlas to you. You can’t walk main roads all the way across Japan! You’ll end up in bloody Tokyo!

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