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6 pairs of shoes

March 25th, 2008 · 5 Comments

   Thanks to my good friend Levi and his US postal address I now own six pairs of Montrail shoes. I guess he actually owns them because he paid for them since, like many US-centric businesses, Montrail declined my credit card. Come one people. You bill Visa, Visa bills me. It doesn’t matter that I live somewhere you’ve never heard of. Grrrr!
   Anyway, one pair of shoes is winging its way to me here in NZ and I’ll pick up more at drop points in Japan. I’m feeling much better now that I think I have the foot thing sorted. My hiking poles are also heading this way but according to the USPS tracking site they have been sitting at international dispatch in Chicago for two days. Don’t they know those things are urgent?
 Over here I’ve been keeping myself busy, still sorting out some images from last year’s hike. They are now available in a handy Google Earth file if you’re so inclined.
   Yesterday I laid out my electronics in three groups. Power supplies: Solio, Solar panels and USB wall unit. Devices: N810, iPod, GPS logger. The last group is cables and that’s where I need help. I’ve got a friend who is good with that sort of stuff and can help me create the missing links so I’ll be able to keep all devices charged for the maximum amount of time. I proved the solar panels are just about good enough to charge the N810, though I’ll be looking for a Solio -> USB cable to be sure I always have enough juice.
   I’ve also had business cards printed, because the Japanese are crazy about business cards. They don’t stand out as much as last year’s ones but I’ve wasted enough time in front of the computer when I should have been training. So for the next few days I’m packing and sorting. I’m leaving for much longer than I’ve ever left before and using the oppourtunity to really purge my life off all the stuff that one accumulates. Doesn’t the saying go that you should throw away old bank statements but keep old love letters. Well I’m getting rid of both. But at least the love letters, and Christmas cards, and just regular friendly letters, are getting recycled so they can continue to be something good.

 6 pairs of shoespower supplies, cables and devicesCharging my N810 from the sun 

   Fellow north-bounder Chris has already flown south to his start point. I’m a week away from boarding my plane and then two weeks away from going to Kyushu. Time is rapidly running out so I’ll be up at dawn every day, working harder than when I had a job. But it’s all for a good cause I reckon.

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  • 1 Peter // Mar 25, 2008 at 11:19 am

    I can let some things slide (like ‘US’ and ‘christmas’), but not apostrophe crime, as in the sixth sensents.
    Don’t throw away bank statements, it’s looking to cost me £15000.
    Don’t throw away love letters, if they’re not old enough already they will be some of your most prized possessions when they are. What is more hilarious and beautiful than a trip back in time to visit the oneself one’s forgotten?

  • 2 craig // Mar 25, 2008 at 11:35 am

    Right you are, but US stays, it’s easier. Love letters are fine and good, but that was a long time ago and I don’t need them to remind myself of what once was.

  • 3 Mountaingoat // Mar 25, 2008 at 11:42 am

    It’s like a job, ‘cept for the money part. Good luck with everything. I leave north on Thursday night but am taking my time getting to the starting point. You sound really organised with the shoes. We have only a pair each, will have to line up replacements as we go and pray we can coordinate with post offices.

    We have found that the Solio will charge a phone and an iPod in one hit, but the Nokia needs a lot more to get fully charged. It seems to take at least two long days in the sunshine to charge the Solio – don’t know how I will go up north. But we can plug it into the wall if/when we find a willing wall.

    Well, back to the packing and the praying. “Ganbatte kudasai” (testing your Nihongo)…

  • 4 craig // Mar 25, 2008 at 11:51 am

    I guess I’ll need to go buy a second Solio then. I’d be paying $40 for the USB cable anyway. Pity I gave my second one away last year, to a guy that dropped off the trail with some excuse about a broken meta-tarsal or some rubbish. With two of those mounted on my pack I’ll look like an old twin-propeller plane coming in to town.

    I guess this is why you wouldn’t be allowed internet access when taking the JLPT :-) I’m copying your phrases onto my (soon to be) laminated cheat-sheet

  • 5 Lighthiker // Mar 25, 2008 at 10:12 pm

    Hi Craig,

    I hope your feet still fit into the Montrail shoes in the size you originally bought after many miles on the trail!
    I’ve also noticed your solar panel from Ryan O’Hara. Isn’t that alone sufficient enough to power/re-charge your gadgets? Given the size of the pannel and the quality of the solar cells it should be better than the Solio.
    Another alternative could be the Freeloader in conjunction with the Supercharger:
    or this interesting wind turbine comined with solar panels, too:

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