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Overdue thank yous

January 2nd, 2008 · No Comments

It’s a new year and I intend to make a productive start. First on my list are several thank yous to people who haved recently sent me items I’ll be using in my preparation for Japan. Claudia Lively has helped me by being my American contact to receive Amazon deliveries. Thanks to her I am writing this on a new Nokia N810. John H. (a.k.a. Rolling Thunder) has sent me a book of a New Zealander walking across Japan. I don’t know yet if it’ll scare me or give me some good ideas. Last year I while I was prepping for the PCT I read Te Araroa and Dances With Marmots. The books were a real help in motivation and focus. This time I won’t have a guide book to go by so a story or two of similar adventures is the closest I can get.Ryan O’Hara has sent me a new data logger with which I will trace my way across the country. I’ll be solar powering it again and hopefully using my N810 to upload the data more often so you can follow along. And last but not least is Matt N (a.k.a. Muse) who sent back the Lonely Planet-New Zealand I lent him, with interest. The extra book will give me some ideas for training hikes.Hopefully I’ll write the next entry in solitary confinement, doing it in front of a TV has been a long slow process. Good night

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