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Entries from January 2008


January 30th, 2008

   Today I am the grateful recipient of an OtterBox 2000. I was given it by the OtterBox company to protect my Nokia N810 and since there is some extra space in there it’ll also be keeping my stash of memory cards safe and dry too. I got the idea from OHararp LLC who use the [...]

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It’s Official

January 26th, 2008

   I have official resigned from my day job and now that my passport had been returned with a visa printed in it I can finally start to believe this is going to happen. I’ve been working there for 3.5 years and probably would have been there for a few more it this plan hadn’t occurred [...]

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He was the best of us

January 11th, 2008

   Sir Edmund Hillary was an impressive man. ‘ Tenzing Norgay and he were the first to climb Mount Everest, that much is well known. Since then he worked on many charity projects, setting up schools in Nepal being perhaps the most successful, and had plenty of other adventures like driving a tractor to the south [...]

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Overdue thank yous

January 2nd, 2008

It’s a new year and I intend to make a productive start. First on my list are several thank yous to people who haved recently sent me items I’ll be using in my preparation for Japan. Claudia Lively has helped me by being my American contact to receive Amazon deliveries. Thanks to her I am [...]

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